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About Therapy

Counselling provides a unique opportunity to think about and explore your situation with someone outside your immediate circle. Having the chance to be with someone in a non-judgemental atmosphere and who will not immediately start offering advice or imposing solutions can be a helpful and empowering experience. In counselling we explore together your understanding of what is going on and think about what might be preventing you from moving forwards.

Working with young people

Adolescence is recognized as a turbulent period of human development. Along with the physical changes of puberty, adolescents undergo significant changes in the way they think, act and feel. It is a period of great desire to experiment, to make new friends, try out new ways of behaving and to test the limits of authority (other people's and their own). It is also a period of doubts, uncertainties and conflicting thoughts and behaviours. Counselling can help a young person to identify these struggles and move towards a sense of autonomy and independence.

Working with families and couples

Family and couple difficulties may arise from changes in family life such as separation, divorce, remarriage, developments within step families or during illness, loss or bereavement. Sometimes there are worries about a troubled adolescent or maybe an elderly member. The goal of family and couple work is to help family members and partners improve communication, solve problems, understand and handle special situations and create a better functioning home environment.

Working with Adults

Adult life brings with it responsibility, work, relationships and families. Sometimes we can get into patterns of behaving that are damaging or destructive. We can end up feeling low, depressed or anxious either at work or within our relationships. Life experiences such as bereavement, redundancy, retirement and loss can have a major impact on how we see ourselves. Individual work can look at understanding who we are in a greater light and help us move on from old patterns of behaviour and find resources to make positive changes.

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